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Preface: A New Blog, a New Tool for a Soul’s Reflections

Well, folks, this blog will primarily be for what I happen to call, collectively, The Vanity Mirror Project.  I’ve been on it since 2007, it’s ungainly, and messy, and…I’ve probably lost my best friend over the course of it.

I may share other creative works unrelated to The Vanity Mirror here, but The Project will be my first priority.  It’s a strange story, and all the involved copyright issues I can’t fathom, but this is the only I can think of that will let my Mirror see the light of day…not that it is a good thing, as my family will attest.

If we looked into our soul, what would we see?  If we truly saw, and by it I mean the good the bad, and the ugly, it would be a great gift and guide, assuming we used it properly.  We’re as much if not more, governed by what we don’t want as by what we do, and horror can be a wonderful teacher.

Recall that scene in Wall Street, where Ed Asner’s character counsels Buddy Fox, played by Charlie Sheen, as they lead him away in handcuffs?  About where a man looks into a pit but he does not fall into the Pit, and does not do so because he looks inside and and does not like what he sees?

Truer words were seldom spoken, friends.

I wrestled in the mud with madness, once, and have happily concluded that sanity is stronger, if not by much.  Doing so wasn’t a ton of fun, but far as I’m concerned, those skeptical over evil have never really peered over the ledge into the Pit (and I don’t blame them).

Jekyll and Hyde, Dorian Gray’s picture–such are all just attempts to capture our innate capacity for evil made manifest. To them, I add my own contribution, The Vanity Mirror, shard by loving shard, as this blog will attempt to catalog.

This blog  may be as far as this story goes.  I’ve tried to publish a form of it, but so far, no bites.  I’d love to see this musically staged, or as un-Disney Disney-esque cell-animated flick, but even if not, I”l try to use this blog to un-burden myself with my vision.

Sincerely, Philip Brock Carpenter